My mission: Chasing My Dreams 3.0

A quick intro: My way to NOW

When I started my blog on October 28th I would have never imagined where I am now, I was simply just Chasing My Dreams 3.0.


My NOW is like...


after quitting my full-time job as a senior accountant & HR-manager

I traveled most of the first five months of 2018
I started working as freelancer by relying on my old and new skills
I developed myself through inspiring persons, books, podcasts, internet & music

I started chasing my dreams,

even if I didn't know yet what dreams I even have

I just trusted my intuition and believed in myself 
NOW the time has come for real goal setting

I kinda know what my real & big dreams are

I work when, where and how I want it. I set my own rules reling on my values

I escaped the boring, useless 9-5 prison & started making my own world...

NOW is the time where EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE

And you ask yourself, why I write this all down? Here comes the answer




I want to help others to see life with a different perspective



I would love for other people to find their own way to live life on their own terms, rules & values - and if necessary to swim against the mass. I want to be a role model to live life differently - with sharing my journey into my own designed life.



I want to inspire others by creating meaningful content about things I love & that brings me joy.



Nowadays it's hard to keep an open free spirit & mind.

We get lots of negative news all the time.

We get overwhelmed each day.



We should choose wisely what we believe and what we want to see, hear and feel.



I create happy content for a happy world and I share it all with you.



NOW is the time where EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE.



I show YOU how I do it, so YOU get hopefully inspired to start thinking about your own life & how unique it should be. It should be more intimate & designed for your own needs from soul and not your consumer needs.  

My Creativity is for Sharing - because Sharing is Caring!

What I do? What I have to offer for YOU? ... 


I write & share with YOU inspirational & brave stories about different approaches to live & to see life - thus, I hope to inspire others like YOU to think about YOUR own deep dreams & wishes.


By creating & sharing meaningful content I want to make the world a happier place.



I help others to create their own meaningful content for business or private purpose -

IF we share the same values. 




If YOU feel like you want to know more about me,

then YOU should read my weekly blog posts.

I feature how I create my own life with my own rules.

How I create happiness & joy for me and for people next to me.

That's why I started blogging: I don't want to limit myself to distance, time or societies.

The internet is still free (as I know) and so are we in living our lives & how we want it.

My life the past 29 weeks were like....

For those under you, who don't know my 28 stories yet,

you can scroll up & down the WEEKLY BLOG

which has three different categories:

  • travel
  • mindset & personal growth
  • woman in business  


And go to IRENE'S STORY to read a quick summery about my past months.



Feel free to CONTACT ME any time, to simply stay in touch or to answer you some questions.

I would love to hear from you - I keep it personal, promised ;-)

7 tipps for living a more joyful & happy life

I did all of the following things to find balance in my life, to get again healthy, to be happier and to chase my dreams. And I want those things to share with you, because


I want to help others to live a more joyful & happy life


It's more than ok, to take YOUR time, to be patient with yourself and to start just with baby steps like I did:

  1. Reflect on & feel, which things bring you joy. If you wonder, what joy is & how we can find it, then this TED talk from Ingrid Fetell Lee is perfect for you. You can watch it now or later by clicking on THIS LINK. Take your time! 
  2. If YOU found out, what YOU really like to do, then do those things more often. Make time & room every day for those things. - Those things usually let you forget time, you feel the flow taking over & letting your heart beat more steady & balanced. You feel more grounded with your life & your surroundings.
  3. Go in the nature - take a walk, exercise if you feel like it. - You will start to enjoy the fresh air, which you inhale & you start forgetting about the seriousness in life, the problems, the daily routine & much more. -  Yoga, swimming, running, bicycling, hiking and walking keeps me balanced & grounded. Exercising keeps me accountable, which we all somehow need. My friend Jill per example bakes - so whatever brings you easiness in your life is good.
  4. Spend quality time with friends, family, partner (if you have) & for yourself. YOU deserve some me time - and don't feel bad, when you catch yourself justing staring at something - the nature per example is my favourite thing to look at. I can forget some of the seriousness about daily challenges and problems, when I hear the sound of the wind in the leaves, when the birds sing and I enjoy watching the clouds flying by.
  5. Spend less time watching TV. We all complain, that we don't have enough time. So start cutting down on things that don't really matter & start talking to your partner, roommates or family. 
  6. Consume less and buy just what you really need. Throw away less to be part of the solution, not the problem (see world's problem with waste).
  7. Start cooking more your own meals. Know what you eat, buy local products. They produce less pollution due to shorter transport ways). I love to eat healthy.


I think that's for now :-)



But there might be more chapters (blog posts) coming on my weekly blog soon, as I never stop enhancing:


money talk time (talking about numbers and money)

relationship and friends, polemics about spending lots of time online & social media,

& how to find the right balance

becoming a freelancer and maybe one day an entrepreneur

working on my writing skills & taking action about it, and much more...

Join my journey chasing my dreams 3.0

So if you like to stay in touch and to be reminded about my weekly stories (which you can choose to read or not, depending if you like my short summary in the newsletter), then subscribe to my happy story list. Very much appreciated and grateful for each new friend (known or unknown). The joy is mine - thanks! 


Cheers and keep chasing your dreams too, I chase my third already ;-)


Oh by the way - last but not least

I'll start soon my own youtube channel and feature my first video about my mission

Let's rock our lives!

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