#4 - Time To Wake Up

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Of course the procrastinator strikes again. Till now I finished all my blogs in the middle of the night because I still work a 40-hour-week in a company. But a day has 3 times 8 hours, so I decided to designate some of my other 8 hours to stay up late. I enjoy staying up late, it’s like having a second life. I’m able to do other things, things I really love like writing, listening and playing music. I started to create and design my new life.  So why would I go to bed early? My eyelids tell me, when they aren’t anymore able to keep the heavy weight properly open. But there are changes ahead! 


I have the last week at work ahead of me. I will be done working as a full-time employee. I don’t have a new job aligned and I don’t know what I will be doing in three months from now. What I know is, that there will be a certain moment coming, when I need to start figuring things out. But meanwhile, I don’t want to bother myself with this kind of thoughts. At the moment I’m not able to  plan that far ahead. And it would be useless anyway, because life doesn’t follow usually our plans. We can try to guide our life and to set our feet in a direction, which we would like to go - but generally our plans are destined to fail. How many times did you get surprised? Well - me a lot. And I like it. I see life as a big adventure, guiding myself through the labyrinth of the beautiful and awesome world & time. The time, my time, your time, our time!  


So I decide not to worry about my future - at least not right now. I can and I will care about it when the time has come. 


But now the time has come to prep for my vacation. At the very sweet day of Christmas Eve (at least in South Tyrol, in the northernmost part of Italy we celebrate Christmas Eve with our beloved families on the 24th of December) I will be flying from Milan to Mexico via Paris. I decided to have a layover in Paris for almost 24 hours. I haven’t been to Paris yet. So why not spend Christmas Eve alone in Paris?! I’ve been at home for Christmas for three years in a row now. Therefore, the time seems and feels right to spend Christmas by myself again. Some of you might think, it could get lonely, but hell no, not for me. It’s time for some ME time.


I didn’t have the chance to get some real ME time - without liabilities - for a while now. How are we supposed to go beyond our daily life, our routines, the force of society? Where is there space for our bigger picture? When do we really have the opportunity to connect to our soul, to our heart, to our deepest dreams and wishes? How the hell are we supposed to reach our inner burning flame? Of course if the flame is still burning and if it didn’t go out yet. 


For me time has come to reflect and to let go of past things. Once again the timing is perfect to go out there and to grow, to appreciate the moment and life. 


Vaguely I can still taste the feeling of my last trip to London and Barcelona. It’s a happy feeling, it’s a mix from various feelings I guess: excitement, joy, delightfulness, satisfaction and gratefulness. How long will it last this time? I hope it won’t get stolen away. How can I escape that possible punishment? Doing things you love - people say it’s a way to stay happy. So what do you love to do? For me it’s writing, music and traveling. Of course there is more then just those three things, but exactly those three things were on a shortage in the last years. That’s why they are important to me right now and that’s why I want to do them very intensively. 


Traveling - oh dear best friend, did I miss you! It seems that we are having a relationship and I’ve forgotten about you in the dullness of my everyday life. I’m about to rediscover our loving bonding, which I will double up this time with writing and meeting friends from all over the world. If money wouldn’t be an issue I would already know exactly which places to go and which friends I want to see. Discovering new places and revisiting places I’ve been already and which seem to get almost forgotten. 


I feel like I was asleep all the time. The alarm to wake up is soon ringing…. It will ring when I am in the airplane to Paris and then to Mexico. In Mexico City i will get picked up by friends. I gonna spend Christmas & New Years Eve with my Mexican friends Carlos & Gely and their family. One month in Mexico and I am flying back home from Cancun. So my adventure begins… Are you as well on adventure mode?


My eyelids are getting heavier and heavier...


Good night my dreamers & believers out there! Keep dreaming and believing, the world is fabulous, you just need to be mindful 😘

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