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30.12.2017 - Airport Paris Charles De Gaulle


I took the early flight from Milan Linate at 6.55 am to Paris CDG. Everything went smooth. Although the airport Linate doesn’t provide free plastic for the liquids in your carry on luggage like other airports do and which I’m already used to. But at least there is a vending machine right before the security check, so for 1 € you get three plastic bags. 


Right now I’m waiting at my gate at the airport in Paris CDG to board an AirFrance flight to Mexico City. The airport seems to be updated. I remember the airport from my last stopover years ago, when I had to wait for my connection flight to Dubai: It was as well during winter time but it was very cold inside the airport and there weren’t enough seats for the passenger to wait at the gates. I wasn’t flying with AirFrance though.


But now, by the very end of 2017, the terminal from which the international flights from AirFrance depart, seems to be very new and up to date. They even have very comfortable lounge chairs and individual chairs with entertainment screens for young and old. Every second or third chair has a plug in, so you are able to charge all your electronics before you board your flight. And it’s not cold at all, so the changes they have made are functional and not just good looking. The bathrooms are new as well and you can find easily fresh water fountains. In Milan Linate I couldn’t see any of them. The whole airport in Linate is way smaller and I guess therefore it isn't updated.  


The Paris airport CDG has various terminals which are connected by busses. If you take a flight which has a connection in CDG be aware of the time that you need to change terminals. As well you should watch out not to miss the correct terminal and the right gate number. Not that you end up in the wrong bus. A stopover under two hours could get stressful. I have 2 1/2 half hours and it is perfect: I don’t have to wait too long for my next flight. And the time is not too short if you like to  walk around a bit in the stores, maybe buy some stuff or just to have a refreshing drink or some food. 

I got myself a fresh and healthy juice. I’ll wait for lunch though until I get it served in the airplane. I’m already curious to see what kind of food they will serve and what kind of drinks they have. And of course I will check the entertainment out.


I’ll be flying in a A380. It’s my first time and I’m very excited about it. Let’s see if the airplane is as comfortable as people like to say. I’m flying economy but even there I should be able to see differences to other smaller and older airplanes. 


Before I headed to my gate, I went directly to the AirFrance Service Desk to ask if I could change my seat. I wasn't able to choose the seat when I checked in online. My seat would be in the middle of the middle row, which would have sucked on a 12-hour flight. But fortunately a very friendly lady at the service desk changed my seat to a window seat which is located in the very last row of the airplane. Let’s see how lucky in the end I’ll get, because all three seats were still empty when I've chosen my new seat. I keep my fingers crossed. It wouldn’t be the first time that I get three seats to myself on a long flight like this. It’s always the sweetest surprise that can happen! 


People started to stand in line to board the airplane. I usually wait till most of the people boarded. I like to go without the rush of the others. I rather be one of the last people so I can go with my own pace and flow. 



Wow, i got really lucky: I have seat #51A but as well 51B and 51C for myself. Well, that’s very sweet. Of course a free upgrade to business class would be even better, but I’m more than happy how things turn out. 


Before the airplane hits off to the clouds I took the chance to walk around. As I’m sitting in the very end of the airplane the stairs to the upper deck are just behind me so my curiosity takes me up the stairs. Aha, in the last very end of the upper deck there are some economy seats, followed by premium economy and then I get to enter the business class. No one tells me I can’t walk there so I just keep going till the stairs take me down in the front of the airplane and I get to walk through the first class which is almost empty. Oh well, I even film some parts of my strolling around of the AirFrance A380. Back to my seats and I’m more then happy to have my three economy seats! Who needs then first class?!

Back in my seat I get handed out the free travel essentials for the flight: headphones, a eye blind and a wrapped up refreshing towel. I miss the pair of socks, the toothbrush and the toothpaste which you get when you fly with Emirates long distances. As well I miss the warm refreshing towel with is given you by the flight attendants. But the necessary essentials are as well enough if travel well prepared like I do and if you bring your own essentials as well. 


I just received an aperitif - Croustillants to eat and a glass of Champagne and orange juice to drink. The Croustillants taste like peanuts and corn and I’m drinking my champagne - unfortunately from a plastic cup instead of a real glass. Oh well, business class is still out of my reach, but one day I’m sure I’ll fly business class. 

The space around the seats seems to be bigger as usually and what I like is that every screen has as well an USB connection so I can charge my phone during the flight. There is as well a resting for the feet which is very comfortable. 


Of course I already looked at the A380-AirFrance-Entertainment. I like to hit right away the cinema - latest releases section. I usually start with some previews to know which movies to choose. It depends of course how much I’m able to sleep and if I’m at all tired or not. But with three seats to myself I should be able to get some decent sleep though. 


Ok, so i watched the trailer of „What happened to Monday“ and „Atomic Blond“ with Charlize Theron. After I’m done with writing this lines, I’ll watch some more previews until I choose one movie. I have to admit that during a long flight like this I enjoy watching movies. At home I don’t have a TV and therefore I barley watch movies, not even on my Mac. If you don’t want to slide down the whole menu of movies then have a look at the magazine of the airplane. They usually have on the last pages of the magazine their entertainment section featured. You can get a sneak preview already there. 


I even like to check out right away the duty free section in the magazine as well. In case I need something so I know already what I’m going to buy. As I fly with AirFrance I won’t collect the miles as I’m member of the StarAlliances and not of SkyTeam. Although I should consider joining the SkyTeam as I’m flying this long distance flight. If you have already collected some miles, you can as well check out the duty free section to pick something in the range of your miles. I like to do that if I have some saved. Usually it’s the best way to use them because if you order them online they usually charge some transport fees or miles. 

I got as well the menu for the food today. As I had to postpone my departure flight I forgot to re-mention my lactose intolerance and that I prefer as well not to eat any meat. But the airline needs to know minimum 24 hours before hand about any special menu wishes to prepare them. 


The flight attendant which serves my seat takes time to explain me the ingredient of the different menus. I decide to take the lesser evil. In case I still have my lactose tablets with me, which I’m using if I can’t get anything without dairy. These tablets were actually a gift from my friends Irene and Tanja back home, which they gave me to avoid any complication when we meet for lunch.


I got lucky again and I got served my lunch as one of the first due to my special request. The friendly flight attendant got me even a soya dessert and an extra vegetable serving. So I really appreciate her effort!

Italy time 20.40 - remaining flight duration to destination: 2 & 1/2 hours


I started watching „Atomic Blond“ during lunch. After lunch I took advantage of my three seats and I laid down to finish the movie - but my full stomach and my heavy eyelids decided to take a nap. And I actually got a proper sleep for some hours, I would say almost four hours. So high 5 to that! 


The temperature in the end of an airplane usually tends to be colder. I got a bit cold during my sleep, even though I’m using two blankets. I used my big jacket and two of the small pillows as one big pillow. The other passengers are all very quite and it’s awesome to be able to get a proper sleep. I feel very relaxed and I enjoy now writing again on my Mac. And I listen to my recently bought music on Beatport. 

By the way, I didn’t finish the movie „Atomic Blond“, it wasn’t as good as I thought. So instead I watched „What happened to Monday“ which was alright, even if it’s a weird kind of scary story about the future of our planet. 


Soon I’ll get served dinner...


I walked around in the airplane to move my body a bit and to shake my legs. There are beverages and snacks in some sections of the airplane.


I’ll land at 16.20 in Mexico City (Mexico time) and I will get picked up by Carlos and Gely. I’m invited to stay at their house for some days and spend New Years Eve with them. In the past I barely got picked up at my destination airport, so it’s a very welcoming change! 


I’m excited about my new adventure that has already started. I can’t wait to see my friends again, which I met at the busstop at the train station in Venice to go to the airport. We took the same bus to the airport and they shared with me their Europe travels and told me as well about Mexico. As they were about to leave Italy without having tried an Aperol Spritz, I told them, that we have to drink at least one at the airport. So we spent some very nice chatting time together and they had their first ever Aperol Spritz. Carlos and me are both into the same music and we both like to play music. So there it was, our very quick connection meanwhile we traveled. They invited me to visit Mexico anytime. And now anytime has come!

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