#11 - Back in reality - but not ready yet!

As it's all about our time and the time that we have - I want to feature the track called "Time" from Pachanga Boys. I got this track due to Florian, a very good friend of mine. Thanks for sharing!


Best enjoyable as always with 🎧


Having a cultural shock back in Italy

25.01.2018 - Italy, in the train to my home town


Ok, I have definitely a cultural shock. Oh my god, how terrible is it to arrive back in Italy on a rainy, cold and unfriendly day like this. I can feel the stress from a big European city like Milan. People are walking on the streets and don’t really care for the others. Everything has to go fast and everyone wants to be the first for anything.


Due to a terrible train accident very close to Milan, no trains are leaving from Milano to Verona. That would be exactly my direction. Therefore, the Italian train company has organised busses, which will take passengers to the destination. Next to the ticket offices a lot of passengers are waiting for further instruction. Everyone seems to be annoyed and stressed. When we are told to follow the person in charge, everybody rushes and no-one seems to care for the person next to them. I’m shocked, whats going on here? When I'm trying to catch up with the group I get hit various times on my legs and feet by the suitcases of strangers. It gets even worse boarding the busses: Italians are known for not queueing hence you can probably imaging what a mess: Many people try to board two busses. Everyone squeezes and tries to be the first. For a glimpse of a second I’m imagining when a chaotic situation would escalate and people would get overrun like it happened at Loveparade some years ago in Germany. Well, I shouldn’t think about those situations but after the loving and caring Mexico I have a real cultural shock.


Oh my god. Take me back to Mexico!

It feels unreal to be back at home

27.01.2018 - Back home 


Wow, it feels unreal to be back home. Everything seems to be way too big, way too modern, way too many choices. Even at my house I get to think: I have way too many clothes and shoes and jackets in my closet. 


After traveling for a month in Mexico with one middle size suitcase (about 15 kg)  and a small backpack it seems unreal to be back in land of plenty.


In my head there are questions appearing like: Do we really need so many things and objects to have a fulfilling life? Or does it just distract us from the important things in life? 


I slept very good last night: My own bed feels just perfect and the sleep got accompanied by a  complete quietness. I feel very lucky to have such a quiet place to live.


The sun is shining trough my windows and reaches my face. I can feel the warmth on my skin.


I'm going for a walk in the nature. The air is cold and fresh. There is a lot of snow everywhere. I let my thoughts fly…. and I'm trying to digest the change.


A seatback? - Getting cooled off

29.01.2018 - Bozen


Is it a setback or am I just not ready yet? Am I not on the right path yet? Am I still wandering around in the dark? 


What happened?

I had an appointment with a local tax and economic advisor to review my options of starting my own company or lets say to be a freelancer/self-employed. In my head are many ideas and they are spinning around and around. I wanted to start sorting them out and make a plan.  

Now I know more: Which ideas are possible to pursue and which not. Or which ideas are complicated. And of course a few of my ideas got destroyed right away - what a feeling! Some other ideas could work. But how can I execute my ideas into a workable plan? Well, that’s apparently now my job. I was hoping my tax and economic advisor would tell me more. I mean she did, but in the end it all depends on me, I guess.


It's time to leave again

02.02.2018 Still in italy


Back home it just doesn’t feel right yet. I’m not ready yet to be back home. My mind wanders off onto far places I’ve not been yet. My soul aches to travel more. My feet want to walk, to walk somewhere new, somewhere unknown. Discovering new places, new horizons, new adventures and a new beginning. My mind is unsettled. My heart is aching. 


That’s why I leave again and jump into another airplane, another destination, another departure. Soon I'll be there yet so far away. Will it bring peace to my inner me?


What will come afterwards? Many questions I get to hear everyday since I’m back home. How am I able to know that? The last years taught me to be patient with myself. Therefore, I won't run. Running is not an option. I want to make it right, knowing that life will teach me more lessons. Afraid? No, not at all. Anxious? No, not even that. I like the sensation when leaving the comfort zone, knowing that I learn and grow. I started to listen more to my intuition rather then my ratio. Let's see where my journey will bring me...


Featured traveler around the world-Series

I want to share the awesome art & creativity of other travellers around the world. So here we go again and welcome Juan Pablo from Argentina:

The painting above was a present from my dear friend Juan Pablo. We met on our last night in Cancun before flying home. Thank you for the inspirational chats and the lots of laughter! Great times.

Check his Instagram Account for more inspirational quotes in Spanish including an adequate painting to it. Every day one painting what I've got told ;-)


Instagram: Juan Pablo as anarquimedes

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