#12 - Let the travels begin - Asia here we come!

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Getting excited - my next travel experience: Oman, Thailand, Cambodia & Laos

04.02.2018 - somewhere shortly before Innsbruck (Austria) - in the bus to Munich ZOB


The journey starts…. On the way to the airport in Munich to catch the flight to Muscat, Oman - arriving the 05.02.2018 at 7.05 am and departing to Bangkok a day later 06.02.2018 at 3.00 am. 


Leaving the cold winter behind me, escaping the freezing temperatures and chasing the sun once again. But this time it’s the other side of the world.


Starting with the Middle East: Muscat, the capital of Oman waits to be discovered in less than 24 hours. 


But this time it’s going be different. I’m different. Traveling different. Looking for other things. 


Thailand & Cambodia. Never been. Some of my friends would say „it’s about time to start traveling Asia“. 



No expectations, because I can’t have them. 

What should I imagine, if I have never been there before?! 

Awesome easiness, great feelings and just going with the flow. 

Celebrating the new life & the new year. 

A lot of new beginnings are on the road ahead of me. 

And not knowing where the road will lead me to. 

Let me present you: Oman

The flight from Munich to Muscat during the night took about 6 hours, which are for me too little to get a proper sleep. So, when we arrived in Muscat at 7 am we were pretty tired. The little airport couldn’t handle the mass of people flying in from all over the world. We had to pay 55 € to get the tourist visa.

Smelling the warmth and the sun when leaving the airport left me a big smile on my face.


Hello summer!


After a week back in north of Italy with a lot of snow it was a great feeling to be back to warm temperatures. 



We had more then 18 hours to spend in Oman before we had to board again a night flight to Bangkok. Renting a car was the best option to discover the deserted scenery of Oman (recently even used to train for the Mars expedition).

First night of getting a proper sleep again in Bangkok, Thailand

08.02.2018 - Bangkok, Thailand


Arrived well in Bangkok and I'm getting the first nights of proper sleep back. 


Finally, I'm rested after the long and exhausting journey to Bangkok. 

Leaving dirty, smelly and crowded Bangkok behind to find some peace & rest

08.02.2018 - on the way from Bangkok to Koh Chang


Today I left Bangkok and it was a good decision not to stay longer. What a smelly and dirty city. Years ago, when I traveled as well, I think I didn’t mind a dirty city - but nowadays it seems I can’t really handle the smell and the dirt anymore. 


Finally I am rested after the long and exhausting journey to Bangkok.


Just WOW! Perfection in its finest.
Just WOW! Perfection in its finest.
The Princess of Wat Pho in Bangkok
The Princess of Wat Pho in Bangkok
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Waiting for dinner to arrive

09.02.2018 in Lonley Beach on Koh Chang 


Working before having dinner. Tomorrow is posting time and I don’t have even written a page yet. Do I get stressed? Well I don’t know yet, but we are going see. I made it until now always in time, most of the time. So, let’s see about the Thailandian travel vibes. How is the internet? I got myself for 2 weeks 4 GB to be on the safe side without being too depended from wifi spots that you can't always find and trust. I think I can survive with that on the road and on the beach. Ok! Let’s do this.


Today was the best day so far. I finally arrived in a quiet place to rest in Koh Chang.


Sleepless in Koh Chang, Thailand

2.58 am - How can I sleep with all these new impressions?


Sleepless in Thailand…. What to do? It's already 2.58 am here. I left the bedroom. I just tossed around and around in bed. No chance to sleep. My head is full of new ideas, great ideas. 


I like to have new dreams to chase. Growing! 


 I need to write it all down - or at least something…


So, Oman and Bangkok were on the itinerary for the first 60 hours of traveling. Hours full of diversity: First the rocky desert and then a tropical island ahead of me. But first a dirty, smelly, crowded and a crazy city called Bangkok. Not my kind of city as it seems as I’m getting nervous in a city like this.


Seeing temples, different kind, different to them in Mexico. Trying to feel and to get the vibe. 

Island life in Thailand

11.02.2018 - Bailan Beach at Koh Chang


Still searching for places to go. Where can I finally rest?


An island sounded nice. We arrived there at sunset with a ferry and it was the best. When we finally reached our hotel for the next nights it was already dark. Therefore, I would have the whole surprise like discovering a new place like the island the next day. Feeling like a little kid again, like before Christmas and not know what you will get :-)


Sweet life.


Chasing dreams progress into living dreams. Step by step. 

Have an awesome Sunday!



Your friend, Irene


Please enjoy life as much as possible! 

And do what you like, not what you should!

Irene's chakras are visible
Irene's favourite Yoga pose and perfection in line with the sun meanwhile setting

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