#15 - Behind the scenes: A Special for some insights

Irene's choice of music this week


For all the Deep House Lovers out there 


I present you very proudly


Brotzeit - Deep Mix


Brotzeit comes from my home town Brixen


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Quote from Paulo Coelho

Before you start reading my new blog, I would like to share with you one of my favourites quotes by Paulo Coelho and his book BY THE RIVER PIEDRA I SAT DOWN & WEPT:



He laughed "I knew we were going to find a room, and we did.

The universe always helps us fight for our dreams,

no matter how foolish they may be.

Our dreams are our own,

and only we can know the effort required to keep them alive"



 Inspired by these words I wish you a lovely read and I look forward to read your comments in the end. 

For My Friends
For My Friends

Time to reflect on myself, the past and the present



Every travel I learn more, even if I have traveled a long time in the past. But as the world changes, I change, too. Therefore, I’m growing each time I head to somewhere outside of my home town. My personal development isn’t finished yet. The path I want to go is as well in development and I need to figure still out a lot. 

Trying to hold my things together meanwhile waiting for the bus in South Tyrol, the German speaking part in northern Italy
Trying to hold my things together meanwhile waiting for the bus in South Tyrol, the German speaking part in northern Italy

I’m discovering not only new places but moreover I discover myself from a different angle. It isn’t the angle from where I need to fulfil societies rules or other people’s obligations. I’m looking for the free Irene. Chasing my dreams means to me among other things looking for freedom. I dream of geographically and of course financially freedom. I would like to make time to my new currency. I got to realise how little time I had when I was still working 40 hours week like most of the people I know. I don’t think that this should be my life. I know not everyone thinks the same as I do and I respect that. Due to my thoughts and feelings I started looking behind the curtains of our daily life and routine. I started asking myself a lot of questions and I still haven’t find all the answers to them. I made the first small steps in the right direction. I want more from life then the occasional vacation time that I got allowed to take as full-time employee - even though being from Italy it means that we get a lot of vacation time compared to other countries. Some people probably think I’m not grateful. I’m grateful for the possibility we get to have nowadays. I know it is complete different to what my parents per example are used to grow up with. It was never easier then today to fly to another country, to learn another language, to connect to other people from all over the world, to share knowledge, to work from wherever someone wants as long as you have a somehow good internet connection and a laptop. I ask myself: "Why should I limit myself to just one place if there are so many out there?!"

Every time I go out there and discover the world, I can’t get enough of the happy and content feeling I'm having.

Every time I travel the world I meet people from all over the world, different nationalities, different religions, different languages, but it seems we are all same same but different. 

Nowadays I feel most of the time content, satisfied and I have a big tranquility in my heart&soul. How many times in the past did I feel twitchy, uneasy and unhappy? How many times in the past was I stressed and nervous? How many times was I snippy to my surroundings and I regretted it sooner then later? 

I started looking at pictures of past times - manly photos from when I was traveling - and what I saw left my heart beat faster: There was a big sunshine in my eyes, my lips were formed to a bright, content and happy smile, which shimmered all over my face. There she was: the outgoing and fun Irene! And then I saw in the mirror and I saw someone else. I didn’t like my appearance. I didn’t like my behaviour. As we can’t change the world around us, I was determined to change the thing I actually can change, and that is: Me. I start with the person in the mirror. 

Hello :-)
Hello :-)
Irene taking pictures with her phone in Bangkok
Irene taking pictures with her phone in Bangkok
Yes, again on the phone
Yes, again on the phone
Irene on busy streets in Bangkok with her essentials
Irene on busy streets in Bangkok with her essentials
Well, it's my work as well
Well, it's my work as well
Posting and writing meanwhile visiting Bangkok
Posting and writing meanwhile visiting Bangkok

So here I was, sitting at the airport in Pakse, Laos - waiting to board my flight. 

I start to like the appearance of the person I see in the mirror. I noticed I got more quiet and relaxed, I feel more content with what I have. I get less stressed out. I can see the development of the last months. 

Back at home with a big portion of good vibes from my last travel



Being back home feels awesome. 


Now I have ALL the time I want and need for myself. I am the boss. I decide what to do and when and where. 

From now on I will do everything possible to make my dreams happen.

I gonna make myself the gift of allowing myself enough time. Birthday is due to come in exactly 5 months from now - so lets make this happen! 



I’m back home with a lot of positive energy and vibes from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand & Oman. 

Happiness is on the daily menu. Somewhere deep inside me there is this burning flame which got bigger and bigger with the days, weeks and months of the new year.

I’ve started living my new year on my terms. Doing it. The time has come to take back control over my life.

Getting sick at home isn't planned



Spending the beginning of my first full week at home sick wasn’t planned. I had planned on starting to find out my daily routine. Like going to yoga or for a swim, working on my book for some hours in the morning, going for coffee at the hotel next to my house and sitting in the sun, cooking lunch, going for a stroll in the afternoon and then continuing to work, to play music or just to clean finally my apartment, which would need necessarily a proper and deep clean. I hate cleaning because I usually want to spend my free time not staying at home and clean. But from now on I think I will take some time even for that. 


So i was homebound to my couch for almost three days and it wasn’t nice. But I survived and today I felt already way better.


After going to the doctor I went to buy some groceries and I took the time to see if they have new products which I don’t know yet. I got lucky, I found a new muesli and a new vegan ice-cream. But I just bought what I really needed. It was a nice feeling not to be in a rush. Meanwhile driving I noticed I’m way more tranquil then usually. I let pedestrians cross the streets, payed double attention when parking and I didn’t drive as fast. Probably I drove too slow for some of the other drivers... It was a cold cold day, the last night was one of the coldest of the whole winter I’ve heard -15c or something.


At home I started right away a fire and I finally got to tidy up my apartment. I still had the suitcase from my last trip half unpacked. Like I said, the sick days weren’t planned.


I booked my flight to London. What a great feeling to know I will see my friends up there soon again. Jill is waiting for me as she launches her great app „Safe & The City“, which is a safety app that allows you to choose not the fastest but the safest route from A to B. It works like Google Maps from what I know, it even has the criminal records from the London Police. But once I’m in London, I will be able to report more details. 


I got a sweet deal for flying from Innsbruck, non stop to London. The air fare was good but the price for the luggage was ridiculous. I don’t know how aircompanies can charge such ridiculous high fees for it. 

Getting back in the game



I feel better, I still pay attention to what I eat. 


Today I was for some hours in the city and man, was it cold. Brr. 


Tomorrow morning I’m going to my favourite Yoga class in town.

Paradise on 4.000 Islands in Laos
Paradise on 4.000 Islands in Laos

How to manage my days?!



So i went to Yoga yesterday at 10.15 am on a Friday and I was surprised to see how many people do go actually to a Yoga class on a Friday morning - cool! I’m not the only one :-) After that I stopped by to visit my sister and her kids and I was invited to have lunch with them. When I drove home, I realised that almost the whole day passed by without me even doing some work. I got itchy feet and wanted to go home. I think I need some sort of time management, not that I end up doing all sort of things throughout the day and in the end I didn’t do anything really. It’s easy to idle away lots of time when you don’t really have to be at an office with set times.  


I think that will be everyones challenge, who starts to be a entrepreneur. I think I’ll ask some of the people I know who are self-employed, how they deal with the issue and what tips they would give me. 


But still made it in time to finish this blog - even though it's again very late.

Happy Sunday to You!

Irene smiling in Muscat, Oman - even when she decides to cover her head
Irene smiling in Muscat, Oman - even when she decides to cover her head

I wish you all a very great Sunday! 


Take care,


till next Sunday




Irene Huber


Chasing Dreams 3.0


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  • #1

    Claudia (Sunday, 04 March 2018 13:12)

    Hallo Irene. Man merkt richtig wie sich dein schreibenstil und dein Englisch weiter entwickelt. Du möchtest andere dazu inspirieren die eigenen Träume auszuleben. Das ist ja schön und gut. Wie finanzierst du denn diese Reisen und wie willst du in Zukunft wie du so schön sagst deine financial freedom unlocken? Mit einem leeren geldbeutel kann zum beispiel nicht träume verwirklichen. Was würdest du dann deinen lesern raten?
    Liebe Grüße

  • #2

    Irene Huber (Monday, 05 March 2018 11:00)


    Hallo Claudia,

    vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar.
    Über deine Fragen könnte ich stundenlang schreiben, weil das wichtige Themen sind, die mich auch beschäftigten, aber ich versuche mich relativ „kurz“ zu fassen:

    Finanzieller Aspekt:
    Finanziell unabhängig zu sein, das ist mein großes, mein langfristiges Ziel. Ich habe angefangen, daran zu arbeiten und habe mich auf diese Reise begeben. Ich möchte gerne meine Tricks und Tipps mit Dir und meinen Lesern teilen. Aber zuerst muss ich selber meinen Weg finden. Ideen habe ich viele, aber ich muss die jetzt auch mal auf Herz und Niere überprüfen und schauen, was möglich ist und was nicht. Inzwischen habe ich noch einige finanzielle Rücklagen, die ich zurzeit verwende.
    Jeder muss für sich selbst entscheiden, wie intensiv man sich mit seinem Leben bzw. seinen Träumen auseinandersetzten will, welche Prioritäten man hat und wieviel Zeit und Geld man dafür investieren möchte. Ich verstehe, dass nicht jeder die selben Träume hat und deshalb auch nicht die gleichen Ziele haben kann.

    2. Was würde ich meinen Lesern raten:
    Ich würde meinen Lesern raten, einfach mal zu hinterfragen, was willst Du wirklich? Was wäre toll aus Deinem Leben noch zu machen? Und dann kleine Schritte dahin machen. Dein großer Traum ist wahrscheinlich noch ganz weit weg und klingt in Deinem Kopf erst Mal wie eine Utopie. Aber noch kein Meister ist vom Himmel gefallen. Jeder Weg beginnt mit dem ersten Schritt, den Du machen kannst, wenn Du möchtest.

    Bei mir war es so: Ich habe mich oft beklagt, dass in meinem Leben nicht alles so läuft, wie ich es gerne hätte, dass ich eigentlich gar nicht wirklich glücklich bin, dass ich oft gestresst bin und zu wenig Zeit habe für die für mich wichtig erscheinenden Dinge! Dann dachte ich mir: Ok, sich andauern beklagen hilft ja nichts. Das hilft mir nicht und meinem Gegenüber schon gar nicht. Also habe ich zwei Möglichkeiten gesehen: Entweder akzeptiere ich die Situation, so wie sie ist und finde mich damit ab - oder ich muss was verändern. Und wenn ich schon nicht mein Umfeld verändern kann, dann fange ich halt mal bei mir an, weil das möglich ist.
    Und jetzt habe ich mich auf meinen Weg begeben, auch wenn ich noch nicht sicher bin, wohin es geht, aber man sagst ja auch: Der Weg ist das Ziel!

    Liebe Grüße

    Irene Huber
    Chasing Dreams 3.0