#17 - London Thoughts

Irene's choice of music this week

This time I'm very happy to feature


Dave Dresden from Gabriel & Dresden,


who are one of my favourite DJs and who I follow for some years now.

Glad to hear that The Feels is back


Start listening and enjoy best as always with 🎧



Getting into the city - Irene is in London

07.03.2018 in London


Getting into the city takes almost two hours. This time I’m staying at my friend Jason’s in London. When I arrive,  he is still at work. Therefore, I meet my friend Jill at her co-working space Geovation, which is just around the corner of Jason’s place. Our reunion starts with a brief hug, because she gets accompanied by her two interns Charleen and Conor. After we walk over to his place, I'm able to enjoy arriving in London. Until now my journey wasn’t hectic - I hope I can keep the rest of my visit that way. When I visited last time London I remember that I got tired quiet fast, the rush and the fast pace from the the city and the people took their toll on me. 


From the big windows in Jason's flat I can see the sky: It’s nice weather outside, there are some clouds but there is  mostly blue sky. The location of his flat makes me feel like I would be right out on the streets, the windows are big and I can observe the happening on the street below me.

We are all human beings - thus we all look for love

08.03.2018 - After the launch of Safe & The City


I always was thinking that a big city life is cool. In a big city there is so much you can do and have. But then, when  I start having a closer proper look, it might not seem as appealing anymore. I traveled many cities of the world and I always wondered, if people are happy.

Talking to many people over the last years, I got to realise that everyone somehow, somewhere, somewhat is seeking love - we want to love and to be loved. 


From the outside the big city looks shiny - and I have to admit it looks really cool, when tall buildings are lightened up at night. Seeing sparkles everywhere leaves a feeling of happyness. But how long can this feeling last when it comes from the outside and not from your inner self?


People - like you and me - in the end are always human beings, it doesn’t matter where we live, how cool or how successful we are. Everyone is looking for love, real deep love. Unconditionally love. But do we find it? How much are we willing to put into a relationship? How vulnerable are we getting in a relationship? How much do we open up to our partners? 


I noticed, I like big cities like London much more at night time. It's generally way more quite then during daytime. Less people hustle around the city, not many people seem to be in a rush. I'm able to walk in my pace, knowing I won’t disturb anyone if I walk slow. The sidewalks during nighttime seem to be bigger, they aren’t as crowed as during daytime. And everything is lit up, all the buildings and the bridges have their own glamour. 


Coming from such a small town in the German speaking part of Italy, right in the middle of the Italian Alps, I do sometimes get easily bored. Knowing what is out there in the world, makes me then wanting more, to see more and to be able to be part of a big city life, where the options seem to be endless. I take my inspiration gladly from places around the world, specially talking to different people is usually a highlight for me: I'm able to ask questions and to get to know other people's lives, ambitions, dreams and fears better. Sometimes it takes longer till I go out there and talk to unknown people, sometimes I'm quicker. I guess, I got a bit shy over the years, although many of you, who know me, will say "Really, Irene can be shy?!"


Now it’s London again, my third time. I actually know now some people, like Lu Li and many others of Jill's and Jason's friends. It's nice to see them, when I come to visit again and I get to know them even better over my many visits - and I hope there are still lots to come over the next years. 


At the co-working space Runway East in Shoreditch, London

09.03.2018 - 5:31pm at Runway East


I’m sitting at a table next to Cedric (Jill's boyfriend) and Connor (Jill's intern) at Runway East, writing and listen to music. I start to wonder, how blessed and lucky am I? I'm very  grateful, that I can be here, that I have friends I can stay with and that I can enjoy London with them. I really need to say that so far, this visit to London is the best. 

Staying in Central London is awesome, I even walked to Runway East. It was raining but I enjoyed the fresh air, the vibe of the city and everything around me. I prefer to walk, it's the best way to explore a city.

Reflections about my London trip

13.03.2018 - my last hours in London 


I think I got myself back. Why? I don’t know for sure, I can just make assumptions. Some questions still need to be answered, but I think I’m on a good way. 


London, my third round was very good. Not at all stressfull. My hopes got fullfilled. I took time for me and for my friends. Hanging out with Jill and Jason and their partners was awesome. And this time we actually made it to go dancing. We decided to go out on a Sunday, so we could avoid crowed places. 


Oh, and I even got to see lovely Ben from London/Barcelona. Unfortunately I forgot to make a selfie with him and Jill, she came out to meet him too. Friends making new friends 👍

Quote of the week from Jillian Kowalchuk

Irene: „What advice would you give a young woman, who wants to travel the world as you did, but is afraid of it or not sure about?“


Jillian: „Travel gives you true confidence that you can handle many situations you could have feared. Young women should have an opportunity to travel and learn from it, because there are so many opportunities to grow. Find other women who have travel a lot and seek their advice. You will have to identify your personal travel style and what you feel comfortable with. Some people like to have an hour by hour itinerary, but I prefer to just show up and see what happens.“

Read the whole interview  - with the Founder & CEO of Safe & The City Jillian Kowalchuk

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