#20 - Same same but different - Thailand 2.0

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A different experience in Phuket, Thailand

07.04.2018 - Kamala, Thailand


I'm again in Thailand - but it's a different experience. I get to experience a different style of traveling and I get surprised a lot during this trip.

You wonder why it's different and why I get surprised a lot? Let me tell you more about it...


This time I'm traveling with two friends, Mihaela and Ramina. We fly together from Munich to Phuket via Bangkok with Thai Airways. Three women alone in Thailand! Let's hope we don't run into problems :-)


Well, I guess we won't have big issues here in paradise. Last time I've traveled to Thailand it was a different experience (head over to my blog post #12 and #13 to read about it). 


Getting surprised in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket seems to be very developed. When visiting different places in Phuket, we get to see many 5* hotels, posh restaurants & bars, some golf courses, big shopping malls, a surprising modern and beautiful hospital and in one of the best grocery stores of the island (as my friend Mihaela told me), I found even Canadian maple sirup! 


For a change, this time I don't travel around the country I'm visiting. We are staying in Kamala, which is a village in Phuket - next to Patong. Time passes very quickly and our first week is almost over.


We three women got to enjoy some very nice food with lots of fun and chatting about our lives. We even met some friends of Mihaela and had dinner together.


Beach time in Phuket, Thailand

We visited some beaches, but not as many yet. I'm sure we will get so see more of Phuket beaches next days. The weather until now wasn't too hot, even if April is considered the hottest month in the whole year in Phuket.



Until now I got to see a few sunsets close by where we stay in Kamala. I still need catch a sunrise, but sunrise is on the other side of the island. Maybe one morning next week....


Downside of mass tourism and quick development in Phuket, Thailand

From the photos I've shown you so far, you could easily think it's paradise in Phuket. But as we walked around Kamala, I got to see the downside of the mass tourism in Phuket. The island got developed very fast in the last years - specially after the tsunami which hit the island in 2004. The construction boom all over the island went quick and it's still going on: big condos, hotels and private villas are getting build all over the island - but the infrastructure can't keep up with it. Tourists from all over the world seek paradise in Phuket. 

Sustainable tourism would be a great idea to keep the island beautiful. 


Beautiful flowers, exotic fruits and great views in Thailand

Tourists and local people need to be more aware of the negative sides, that mass tourism can bring to a place like Phuket. How long will an island like Phuket stay attractive to investors and tourists, if the contamination of the water and the nature keeps going on in the same speed as it has till now?!


Another week in Phuket, Thailand

Let's see what next week will bring. We are going to stay another week in beautiful Phuket before leaving for Bangkok. But that's another story, which you can read next Sunday.


I'm sure I'll keep exercising in the morning, which I've started some days ago. I love to go for a swim, do some yoga or go for a run on the beach in the morning. It's a great start for a day and it's good to get back in shape. 

Have a great Sunday and sending Buddha vibes from Asia

I wish you all a relaxing Sunday.

Take care!

Till next Sunday





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