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My assignment: Accountant On The Fly

An Accountant (& a Blogger) On The Fly


I'm being back from Thailand since this Tuesday and it feels almost like I need a vacation from my recent vacation. But as probably not many of you know, for me it wasn't just a vacation. Moreover it was a consultancy job as well. I stepped in the role to be an accountant again - after my short break since I've quit my job end of December last year.


But this time it was a complete different mission: I was performing as an Accountant On The Fly. I was being flown to Thailand to have a proper look at the numbers and figures from my friends real estate accounting in Kamala, Phuket (Thailand). 


One night, when I was having an evening stroll somewhere in Mexico this January (read about those travel stories in blog #7 Mi Casa es Tu Casa, #8 Chasing a Sunrise_A new day is on the horizon_Mexico Part 2, #9 Chasing Dreams in Mexico, #10 My new love: Mexico & Chasing again a Sunrise), my lovely neighbour and friend Mihaela called me and asked me, if I would be able to fly with her in April for about two weeks to Thailand and to check some of their accounting in Phuket. 

As a passionated traveler and as a senior accountant, I couldn't resist this offer and I had to say right away YES! 


April arrived quick and there we were boarding the flight to Thailand. Out travel team consisted of three woman: Mihaela, her 24 year old daughter Ramina and me. Just the three of us, no boyfriends!



Our first week was filled with meetings, working on different documents and trying to figure the Bath-numbers out. I was determined to find some key data, which would allow me to get a better understanding of the costs of their real estate in Kamala, Phuket. Would I be able to create a controlling system? 


As I didn't had a proper office, I had to rely on my anyway favourite working attire: smart working. I love to work from all over the world, at places you probably wouldn't consider being an office space. But never mind, I tried my best. 

To be honest, I have to admit that, it was harder then I imagined to stay focused and concentrated when the temperatures are high and the sun is strong. Therefore I had to find the best spots to keep working. By the end of the trip I knew my favourite places to work: 

  1. Next to the pool, in the shade.
  2. On the terrace in the morning, when the heat was still bearable.
  3. The worst place to work is definitely the bed after dinner - that doesn’t work at all. The falling asleep rate is very high there. 

The accounting job filled some hours of my days in Phuket. But not enough with that, of course I kept writing my blog, too. And I even had an assignment to write an article about email marketing. 


Bangkok Time

The days in Phuket after almost two weeks were over, the meetings and the calculations were done and pleasure took over. We flew to Bangkok, were we would spend some days in the even hotter heat before flying back to Italy. 


As it still was Songkran time (the Thai New Year's celebration) we got to see some little chips of it in the capital of Thailand. 


We rode the Sky Train from our hotel to the biggest and best shopping mall Siam Paragon, where we got to see lots of water warriors fully armed with heavy water guns and waterproof cell phone cases carried around their necks. But the Sky Train and the shopping malls were safe land, where there was no water fights allowed. The three women were safe! 


A lovely boat ride along the city didn't kept as safe as we got splashed all over with water from the land side. It was a very welcoming refreshment because the hot & humid temperatures where insane. Beads of sweat were dropping from our skin like in a sauna. But that is another story to be told. 

Hotel Time in Bangkok, Thailand

I was happy to stay at a very decent hotel in Bangkok, right next to the river with a lovely view and a breeze to breath in the very hot capital of Thailand. We were blessed to spend some lovely sunsets on our outdoor hotel bar and enjoy some great cocktails and glasses of wine. 


I spent my Saturday night blogging time very comfortable at the hotel bar and afterwards at the window bench in my hotel room, after the bar closed down at 1 am. I was working late till 3.30 am to be able to go next day on a boat ride with my friends after breakfast. 

Departure day arrived fast and I was able to spend some lovely relaxing hours by the pool at our great hotel.


At night time we were boarding again a flight, this time it brought us back to Europe. 

I wish you all a relaxing Sunday.

Take care!

Till next Sunday





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    Jill (Sunday, 22 April 2018 13:17)

    I love this blog. It's inspiring to learn how you made your dreams come true! I hope many others can follow your path.