#23 - Special Edition_Be careful what you wish for!

Irene's choice of music this week




This time I share with you some great slow down tempo by


AK  called Sentimental


Start listening and enjoy best as always with 🎧




Dreams are coming true


Dreams are coming true


Not hoping for anything

Just living my life

Not thinking too much about tomorrow

Just living in the moment

Trying to be grateful for what I have

And to have no regrets

Just living


When fear strikes, than I take a deep breath and I go slower. I embrace the whole beautify of the moment - learning from my own feelings, letting them happen, thinking about their meaning and letting them go. Moving forward. 

My safe harbour in the Italian Alps

The sky turns into stormy weather. The clouds getting darker and heavier, it looks like rain. And after a while it starts raining on the way in our car. Driving up the steady curvy road to reach a village on 1000 m above sea level, which I call my home since 12 years. 


It has become my safe harbour, my anchor, my hideaway from the world - where I can let my soul and mind loose.

Traveling and getting a little bit older

I’ve been back to Italy now some time and this time I had more problems to overcome the jetlag than usually. I got a nasty cold as well in Bangkok due to the heavy air-conditions. Thus I took more time to get back to the right state of mind and body of course, too. 


This new year, 2018, I’ve been traveling probably more time than I’ve been at home, so I think traveling takes a bit of a toll on me as well. Well, I’m not anymore 25. Talking about being 25, I share today some of my travel pictures, when I was 25 and when I was in Australia for 6 months. Great times!

The Professional Irene in 2018

My second trip to Thailand this year was more than just traveling, it’s probably leading to more business opportunities in the future. But that will be another story.


Signs along the path, I’ve chosen to go, are good. I might even have another business opportunity with a local marketing company lined up. 


It’s great to know, that I can rely on my „old“ skills but as well on my new ones. I would love to be able to work with all my skills and talents, to create the best outcome for my potential. That was one of the reasons I quit my job last year. I can’t believe, that already four months have passed since then. I was able to enjoy those four months the best possible way. Especially if you don’t know what’s going to happen, than the surprise is even bigger.

Irene's next blog posts are like...

I want to give you a quick overview of my upcoming blog posts:

  • i will update my whole homepage and try to make an easier and better access for your reading experience. 
  • I will write blog posts about your requested topics in my survey - I want to include you as my dear reader in my blog posts as well - so therefore please click here and go to the survey (if you haven’t done yet) to tell me about the topics which would interested you, or questions. I will try to answer them all and feature them.
  • And the travel section won’t come too short either: I’m traveling next month (May) to South of France. I will stay some days with friends and I’ll have to report lots of great stories (even about a ghost - which is supposed to live in the house, where I will stay).

It looks like a lot of fun ahead of you and me and I hope you are excited as I am about the new things, which will soon happen. Please share your thoughts with me, as I love to read about you as well. Don’t be shy and just get in contact with me. You can leave a comment, a private message or drop me an email, hook me up on Facebook and Instagram to get daily insights and to leave even easier comments and likes (you will find all details and links to Social Media and the possibility to subscribe to my newsletter in the end of each page).

Dreaming about Thailand 2.0

Before heading off to a lovely Sunday, I want to sum up my last trip to Thailand and show you a bit more about the things I’ve done with my friends Mihaela and Ramina. Pictures can tell sometimes more than words, therefore I will post till now unpublished pictures. I hope you like them and you can get a better glimpse of my past adventure in Thailand (read more about them on blog #22_Accountant On The Fly, #21_Happy Songkran, #20_Same same but different.)

I wish you all a relaxing Sunday.

Take care!

Till next Sunday





Happy Chasing Dreams 3.0

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