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How to become a DJ

Starting with baby steps...

As for today - I've just made few baby steps into becoming a DJ. Other life issues were more important. But I can feel that there is a new chapter ahead. Are you ready to see me becoming a DJ? 


Until today, 05.05.2018 - I can't really explain the problem, which seems to hold me back from starting to play music. Playing music seems to be harder as I've thought. You ask yourself probably why? I can't say it either. Maybe the time wasn't ready yet, for this talent finally to swim to the surface and to stop hiding.


The timing has arrived, I can feel it. The urge to buy finally some furniture to have a solid playing field for my equipment, my speakers, my DJ board and my amplifier (email me for details about the equipment I use or more at irene@irene-huber.com).


Let me show you, what I've done so far and what I still have to do.

Irene's journey into music

Music was and is my best friend. We are best friends since a long time already now. The music accompanied me and was always by my side when I traveled the world. I was able to get to know new interprets and artists due to my traveling.


Still as today, in May 2018, I don't bother buying a TV, as I don't even watch often movies. My favourite thing is to listen to deep vibes, to progressive beats and to sweet upbeats and save my favourite tracks on my Soundcloud & Mixcloud account. For me the perfect duration of a set is usually 1 or 2 hours. And just recently (last year) I started buying songs. As for now I don't have a proper library set up yet. Knowing that I'm awesome in organising, it will cost me probably just some focused working hours.


A new challenge is on the horizon! 

DJ Kevin Shiu: "Making music is love!"

The timing is right to start now a new chapter: Creating music myself. Mixing my favourite songs and creating my own world of music & love. 


A quote from my dear friend and well known DJ Kevin Shiu from Vancouver (he is opening DJ for Sasha, John Digweed and many more & he was an opening DJ of Tiesto back in the days, when he still played awesome pure trance 👍 ):


"Making music is love!"


Click here to check his website out and to listen to his beautiful sets, which are mostly 1-2 hours long - so perfect length. My favourite set is n. 355, which he published four years ago. Four years have already passed since I moved back to my home country Italy - wow! Time is really flying! 

The missing name

The process of becoming a DJ means as well to choose a name. I don't just want to be DJ Irene - it doesn't sound right to me. Therefore I want to ask you, if YOU could come up with a DJ name for me. It would be really awesome if you leave your ideas as a comment on the end of this blog post.

Head to the end of this blog to see more details about my idea contest.

Thank you for participating! 

Moving a bit faster with grown up feet

Could I play already a set for about one and half hours? To tell you the honest truth, I don't think so. 

Alone at home, in my living room, with my brand new furniture and DJ equipment I could maybe play a good set. 


I should set goals as well to become a DJ. Last year I had to pass on a chance to play at a night club in London for New Year's Eve. If my friend Jill asks me again this year, I want to to say YES and go for such a big opportunity.


I'm going to embrace a new challenge, to keep growing and to enhance new skills. 

Friends & a workshop

My friends Manu and Christoph from Austria helped me with the first start into playing music. He borrowed me his old DJ controller. I got myself some good DJ headsets and I already bought some years ago an amplifier and speakers (email me for more details at irene@irene-huber.com). I think it looks like I should be ready to play. 


A vinyl DJ workshop just for females was recently held in Bozen, Bolzano and I was able to attend to it as well. It was a very good possibility to learn from the basics, which usually helps me to understand a new hobby better. I got to know some lovely ladies from South Tyrol and I got again inspired to play music. 

I'm sure I will record my first set sooner than later. And you will be the first to listen to it. So stay tuned and go to the end of this blog post to not forget to leave your own idea about my DJ name.

I wish you all a relaxing Sunday. 

Take care! Till next Sunday


Irene - Happy Chasing Dreams 3.0

DJ name - idea contest

I want to repeat the words I've written above. I want to tell you, that I'm looking for a DJ name for myself and I want to open up an idea contest, where I would love to hear as many possible ideas of you, my dear reader. It would be great, if you could help me out with this. 


Everyone that writes a  DJ name for me and writes me her/his mailing address will receive a postcard from South of France, where I'll head to next Tuesday with friends and for some meetings. So it's up to you! If you fancy a post card with a nice greeting from me! Just write a DJ name in the comment box below and send me your address at irene@irene-huber.com. 


Ok, so lets do this and let this contest begin!


How many post cards do I need to write? Have a guess and share it with me...


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