#26 - Day Dreaming about Provence - South of France

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I'm day dreaming about Provence - South of France and it hits me:


I find myself surrounded by wine yards, breathing quickly and heavily. Have I lost my way? Where am I?


A quick check on Google Maps reminds me where I am. My plan - thinking, that the wine yards run all parallel to each other and that I will find my way, if I just keep always straight - doesn’t work out. The wine yards are divided by water ditches, where tall grass and thistles grow. Jumping over them makes my run back into the town Bourdic like an adventure. 

Lorenz and me we were on our mission to get fresh baguettes for breakfast for our travel gang: Jolanda, Mihaela and Peter were waiting for us and some fresh baguettes. Robby - the dog - wasn’t as hungry for baguettes as we were. 


Staying in a very little village with no shops and no bakery, let us go to the next town called Arpaillargues which is some kilometres away from the house we stay. We found the bakery easily and on our way back I decided to run the remaining kilometres back to the house, where we were staying for a short vacation. 

My free spirit got fed by running through the various wine yards, finding my way back to Bourdic, leaving me hungry for a great breakfast, which lay ahead of me. Feeling my body getting back into shape, feeling my muscles almost getting sour, my breath picks up a fast pace, my skin begins to sweat. It’s great to start again exercising. The winter break was long and it’s time to wake up from the winter sleep. 


Going for a bike ride with Lorenz to explore the surroundings of Bourdic and its beauty is priceless, as well as doing some Yoga exercise in the morning in the garden of our house. 

The weather during our trip isn’t as nice as hoped & wished, but we still manage to get to see lovely parts of the Provence:


We visit Uzès on several times and we even make it to the big weekly Saturday market. Visiting Arles and its beautiful Arena, going for lunch at the beach of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and praying afterwards to the black Saint Sara in the church of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, which is pilgrimage destination for the Gypsies (Roma and Sinti). A short drive through the beautiful scenery of the Camarge left me again speechless as we saw free running white horses and bulls and even flamingos.


Who would have guessed Provence is so beautiful? 

Uzès, provence

The beautiful old town of Uzès, Provence (South of France)
The beautiful old town of Uzès, Provence (South of France)

Arles, Provence

saintes-maries-de-la-mer, provence

camargue, provence

Best surprise ever: running into friends

But the best surprise was still due to happen: I run into friends from London, Cinny and Jason, who just moved to Aigues-Mortes from London in January. They live now on a houseboat and changed completely their lives. They seem to be very happy and satisfied with their decision to leave cold and stressful London behind. 

Our other days were filled with lovely lunches and great homemade dinners, which turned always into endless chatting till late. Time flew away, and after five wonderful days full of surprises by the beauty of the country it was time to leave Mihaela, Peter and Robby - the dog - behind and to board again a normal airplane to fly back to Italy. 


Jolanda, Lorenz and me boarded the long journey back home with a lot of beautiful memories and stories to be told. 


And one was just told now… Thank you for reading! 

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Lewis Howes, a great inspiring person!




I wish you all a relaxing Sunday.

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