#27 - What's next? Questions over questions...

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What to do next?!

After I spend my new year almost just traveling, I have to admit it's time to take care more about the ones left behind: I mean it's not just my family and friends, which I got to see obviously not regularly, but as well my own home needs to be taken care of. My last months mostly looked like: traveling, arriving back home, unpacking luggage, washing a lot of clothes, packing up again a new suitcase and off again to far away places.


It was my idea to start the new year with traveling, because last year was heavy and I needed a break from everything. Specially I wanted to:

  • to slow down,
  • to unwind,
  • to connect again more with myself
  • to rediscover my dreams and wishes
  • to find out what really matters to me
  • and what I want to do next...

All the first ones were easy, but the last one - what I want to do next - apparently is more difficult as thought. 

Why? Well, lets see how I can put it: I want to do soooo many things, that it's hard to decide which one(s) I should start doing.

Thoughts about freedom

As a freedom addict making a decision what I want to do next, seems to be limiting my possibilities. I mean I have so many ideas and so many different skills and talents - and exactly therefore I don't want to choose just one of them.


After a though session yesterday with my mental trainer Rafaela, we discovered that I feel unsure about which direction in business I want to choose. It seems to me almost "dangerous" to decide, which path to choose.


But as she put it wisely "No decision is a decision as well" I was thinking "ok, well, she has a good point". 

She made me realise as well, if I do to many things at once - I could end up not moving or not growing at all. To make it easy to understand I simplify the topic with a little pic:

My dilemma
My dilemma

So if I would do things like A, B, C and D, I put my energy in different areas & ways. As Rafaela puts it: I could end up at the same point as where I began.


You see my dilemma? What do you think?

Surrounded by nature when going for a stroll from home
Surrounded by nature when going for a stroll from home

Which way to put my energy in?

I guess it's more a mindset thing: making up my mind doesn't mean limiting my possibilities.


What am I going to decided to do? I have a bit of a clue what could be my next move. I'm traing not to  forget the big picture, which I have in my head.


And I'm sure, once I've made a decision - or let's say there are many to make actually, I probably will feel more balanced as well. More grounded. 


But the best thing is: If after a while, I notice my decision doesn't get me where I want to, I can make adjustments or I can just decide to try something else.

It is my life, my decision, and I'm the pilot of it all. 

Walking back home...
Walking back home...

Saying "yes" to new horizons

As I know myself, once I said "Yes" to something, then my focus is persistent. I will do my best to reach the goal I set up to myself. 


Follow me and see what my next steps will be.... It's gonna be for sure exciting! Are you excited as I am about new horizons?

I live in the small village on the right
I live in the small village on the right

I wish you all a great hopefully sunny Sunday.

Take care!

Till next Sunday





Happy Chasing Dreams 3.0

Quote of the week

As I was looking for quotes about freedom, I got to read various quotes from different persons, but I liked Paulo Coelho's most!

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