#27 - What's next? Questions over questions...

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What to do next?!

After I spend my new year almost just traveling, I have to admit it's time to take care more about the ones left behind: I mean it's not just my family and friends, which I got to see obviously not regularly, but as well my own home needs to be taken care of. My last months mostly looked like:  leaving, traveling, arriving back home, unpacking luggage, washing a lot of clothes, packing up again a new suitcase and off again to far away places.


It was my idea to start the new year with traveling, because last year was heavy and I needed a break from everything. Specially I wanted to:

  • to slow down,
  • to unwind,
  • to connect again more to myself
  • to rediscover my dreams and wishes
  • to find out what really matters to me
  • and what I want to do next...

All the first ones were easy, but the last one - what I want to do next - apparently is more difficult as thought. 

Why? Well, lets see how I can put it: I want to do soooo many things, that it's hard to decide which one(s) I should start chasing. 

Dream views not far from home
Dream views not far from home

thoughts about freedom

As a freedom addict making a decision what I want to do next, seems to be limiting my possibilities. I mean I have so many ideas and so many different skills and talents - and exactly therefore I don't want to choose just one of them.


After a though session yesterday with my mental trainer Rafaela, we discovered that I feel unsure, which direction professionally wise I want to choose. It seems to me almost "dangerous" to decide, which journey to take. 


But as she put it wisely "No decision is a decision as well" I was thinking "ok, well, she has a good point". 

She made me realise as well, if I do to many things at once - I could end up not moving / growing at all. To make it easy to understand I simplify the topic with a little pic:

My dilemma
My dilemma

So if I would do things like A, B, C and D, I put my energy in different areas & ways. As Rafaela puts it: I could end up at the same point as where I began.


You see my dilemma? What do you think?

Surrounded by nature when going for a stroll from home
Surrounded by nature when going for a stroll from home


I guess it's more a mindset thing, to make up my mind and to see it not as limiting my possibilities but looking at the goal ahead. 


What I gonna decide to do? I have a bit of a clue what could be my next move. Not forgetting about the big picture I have in my head.


And I'm sure, once I've made a decision - or let's say there are many to make actually, I probably will feel more balanced as well. More grounded. 


But the best thing is: If after a while I notice my decision doesn't gets me where I want, I can make adjustments or I can just decide to try something else out. It is my life, my decision, and I'm the pilot of it all. 

I guess this means becoming a real adult and taking new responsibility's on as a result of decision making. 

Walking back home...
Walking back home...

saying "yes" to new horizons

As I know myself, once I said "Yes" to something, then my focus is persistent. I will do my best to reach the goals I set up for myself. 


Follow me and see what my next steps will be.... It's gonna be for sure exciting! Are you excited as I am about new horizons?

My village St. Andrä, where I live, is on the right
My village St. Andrä, where I live, is on the right

I wish you all a great hopefully sunny Sunday.

Take care!

Till next Sunday





Happy Chasing Dreams 3.0

quote of the week

As I was looking for quotes about freedom, I got to read various quotes from various persons, but I liked the most from Paulo Coelho!

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