#30 - Doubts & being insecure - but still keep writing

Irene's choice of music this week

This time I feature a track from


  Gabriel & Dresden called Waiting for Winter 

(the title is a homage to me waiting for winter,

because then  my 52 stories will be done)


Start listening and enjoy best as always with

(but not too loud please) 🎧



1 Year - 1 Story every week - 52 Stories

Writing a story every week for 52 weeks is a commitment. A commitment which I took on me when I come up with the idea about writing a blog. I knew it wouldn't be easy to write a new story every week, but I started writing 30 weeks ago anyway.


Hopes are big when you start to write a blog. You think you will end up being a new "superstar" and that you conquer the world overnight. 

But it's not that simple.


Well, here I am, open and honest and I tell you that sometimes I doubt myself and sometimes I'm insecure, 

if I'm able to keep up with writing a story every week. 


Sometimes I ask myself questions like: 

Maybe the time is not right yet?

Maybe my stories are not good enough?

Maybe my marketing is not good enough

and maybe I should start putting money into social media ads to be able to reach more people?


Of course I would love to get more readers, more feedback and generally more engagement. Which blogger wouldn't want that? 


After all those questions I have some wishes, too - of course :-)  


I wish I would have a big network of bloggers where we could talk about those questions and topics.



But never mind my doubts and me being sometimes insecure. I bet with you, that many others, who have chosen to walk a different way then the rest of their friends or family, had doubts and were insecure about it, especially in the first year.


So why do I keep writing?


I keep writing because I believe in myself, in my dreams and in my journey.

I actually want to finish those 52 stories, week after week and coming up with new ideas and new stories and hopefully after that I come up with another idea to keep working on my blog.

I wish you all a great summer Sunday.

Take care!

Hopefully till next Sunday





Still Chasing Dreams 3.0

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