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This time I feature a great track from a great German DJ


  Ben Böhmer & Hifi Brother called Sonnenallee 

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Serious thoughts about my business

Ok, so it’s time to get serious about my life again. I enjoyed very much the days traveling around the world, but now it’s time to focus on my next step(s). 

As i live now again at home, in the Italian Alps, I finally got myself a weekly routine with working from home, lots of reading and learning, meeting up with friends and family, exercising a bit (I need to exercise more though) and enjoying summer days.


So here I am, 33 and I’m deliberated unemployed and working on my first freelance projects as an controller/accountant, writer and a HR-management-consultant. 

My experiences in those three fields are:

  • in total 10+ years of accounting, 3+ years on a senior level
  • HR-management diploma and work experience for almost 2 years
  • Writing / blogging since more then 31 weeks
The Geisler in Villnöss, part of the Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy
The Geisler in Villnöss, part of the Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy

Combining various skills for my business


As you see, I use all of the three skills (old and new ones) to work as a freelancer. I don’t have to rely on just one skill. I still need to find out which one(s) I want to focus more on. Even though I’m not sure if I want to scale down on just one skill! 

Using different skills to generate an income leaves me less conditioned to just one business field. And I do believe that nowadays you need to have the 360° understanding of a business to manage one. 


But back to now:


Since I’m deliberated unemployed for already seven months and my savings are gone, I need to start working on my numbers and to create my own formula: How much do I need to work (as a freelancer) a week to cover my expenses aka living and maybe paying back some debts? 

Money Money Money € $ 💰💵 💴

Luckily numbers are my thing! I’ve been a bookkeeper and accountant since I’ve been 19 and now I am 33. I worked with numbers many days for lots of years. Of course I didn’t just apply those formulas and tricks I’ve learned to my clients, moreover I applied them to me! I bought an apartment when I was 22 1/2 years old with almost no money. Of course I'm still paying back the mortgage each month, but that is so little, that rent would be more expensive. And I don't safe the money for later, I'm living in my own walls already since 12 years. Of course there are the high interests, but at least I have money invested in something valuable.


Because I don’t have a fix income at the moment, I need to start hustling for clients. Till now I didn’t go out there yet to acquire clients - which I probably should actually start soon. Why? It's simple: My expenses are higher than my actual income. 

Therefore the numbers don’t match and I need to figure out the necessary and important information about my average expenses and the income I need to make. Once I have those numbers, I can start to apply them onto my business. It should keep me out of the red numbers in my bank account.

Let's play LIFE

The theorie is well set...

...which I will explain more detailed next week!


What I now need is... 


Quote of the Week





I wish you all a great summer Sunday.

Stay hungry,

Stay foolish.


Hopefully till next Sunday




Irene Huber

Happy Chasing Dreams 3.0

And if you want to know more about my financial goals...


...then wait for the next stories


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