#36 - Take Action & Deal with the Obstacle!

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#1: The Discipline of Perception

Last time I stated an introduction of the topic:




and about the first lesson to be learned: 




I explained about the right attitude and mindset about dealing with obstacles, including topics like:


Controlling our emotions

Practicing objectivity

Altering our perspective

Is the obstacle up to us?

Living in the present moment

Thinking differently

Finding the opportunity


If you got yourself the right mindset & attitude towards obstacles, then you are ready to proceed to step #2.

#2: The Discipline of Action

Step by Step

Step by step -> this is action!

Step by step we remove the obstacle. 


Persistence, flexibility and creativity are the best weapons, followed by deliberation, boldness and again persistence. 

We are stronger than we think.

It matters, what we do with the obstacle.


Meeting our problems with the right actions.

Having big eyes for opportunities!

Take Action - The Obstacle is the Way
Take Action - The Obstacle is the Way

The below mentioned tipps on how to take action regarding to obstacles are possible approaches. Everybody should decide, which ones to try. 

Get moving!

Wear out or rest out?!?

We start, because we can make it work. 

Get started to go anywhere. 

Could you do more?

Show more effort!

Press ahead, move faster.

Always move forward!


...and create some momentum!

Practice persistence!

To test, test, test and test -> eliminate the possibilities 

The obstacle doesn't go away -> persist and resist in distraction.

Learn how to do things that others quit on doing.

The first step in an intuition. 

It's supposed to be hards, but energy comes back all the time.

No quitting.

Each and every possibility -> we are working on it.

Setbacks: working twice as hard.


Try and if it doesn't work, then try another way.

Try, try, try 

...and it's ok to fail!

 Activity & failing: What can I improve? Instead of stop doing it!

It's our source of break trough. 


No better teacher then failing -> learning-curve 

There is victory further down the road.


Failure feedback is trying to teach us something -> It shows us the way, which isn't the way!

Follow the process

Think what we can do today, not in 1 year!

How to deal with big things?             ->     Break them down into peaces and do it well!

It's our road!

One step at a time. Finish the process and do it well.

Sort things, don't loose your mind in the future.


Take your time, don't rush.

Deal with the problems, which lay in front of you and deal with the other ones later.

Do your job & do it right

Doing it better than others, even if we don't like it -> exceed, doing the job right, with pride&dedication!


Action is priority.


Try hard, be honest, try to help others -> always act right!

What is right, turns out right

Any way that works, that's the right model.

Focusing on results, not on the way.

Not asking always for permission -> bend the rules

There are many different ways from A to B

Do the best with what you got.

It's ok to compromise -> everything you need 

It doesn't need to be perfect, think progressively and don't be a perfectionist.


Get creative. It's called: the art of the side door & creating space!


Sometimes the longest way around is the shortest way home.

Use obstacles against themselves

Using the actions of others against them.

The opposite works.

Observe the power of the others, take their energy. 

Having patience to wait things out. - Not always moving is helping.

Every negative has his positive -> pushing trough until you find the positive. 

Channel your energy

We want the right actions. 

We get immune to external stress.

Seize the offensive

Press forward precisely when others are discouraged.


Not giving in to problems, use them as a catapult.


A crisis provides us the opportunities to do, what we couldn't do yet. 


Using the problem to work on it -> being the best and taking it to as an advantage as a great trial and get a solution.

Prepare for none of it to work

We can't change the world.

Some things are bigger than us and we can't overcome them.

Try with everything we got and move forward if it doesn't work out.

 I wish you all a great summer Sunday.

See the obstacle as an opportunity!



There will be a break for some weeks... I'll be back!




Irene Huber

Quote of the Week by Ryan Holiday

Quote by Ryan Holiday - The Obstacle is the Way
Quote by Ryan Holiday - The Obstacle is the Way

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