#41 - It's Time to Make a Wish

Make A Wish

It's the time between Christmas & New Year's Eve.

You spend your precious time with close friends & family. 


I packed again my suitcase and I boarded again an airplane.

This time to London.

It's not just New Year's Eve celebration, it's going to be a good friend's birthday as well.


So I would say, we should all make a wish for this special time of the year. 

Love letters from the past



Dear friend,


a book for you and your bright future.


Each step is a step forward

a step closer to your dreams.


Never forget to dream...


Keep your curiosity,

 your openness,

 your happiness

 and so much more

 what make you unique.  


A year full of encounters and so much accomplished


may the New Year bring you

the harvest from your seeds

that life will stabilize.


Live your life!  


I wish you just the best

APRIL 2018


Dear friend,


finally you got a new lovely diary,

to fill with all your written thoughts,



wishes & dreams...


Keep chasing your dreams,

be brave 

always stay positiv.


You deserve every beautiful moment of the journey,

you have chosen to go.

Love letter from the present



 Ich bin ein wertvolles Wesen und

habe das Recht auf ein reich erfülltes Leben.


Ich muss heute noch nicht wissen,

wie ich ans Ziel komme.


Der Weg legt sich mir entspannt zu Füßen. 

Mein Wunsch ist in der Zukunft bereits erfüllt. 

Ich gehe entspannt darauf zu.


Ich vertraue mir,

meinem Körper,

meinem Geist.


Alles ist gut.


Es darf einfach sein.


Ich bin Liebe. 

Ich spüre Liebe. 

Ich strahle Liebe aus. 

Ich empfange Liebe.


Sending Love from London 30.12.2018

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and a ...

Happy New Year 2019

Make A Wish,

because it will come true...one day


Your friend Irene



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