23. June 2018
Doubts about my writing are coming up when it's again time to write a new story. Sometimes I ask myself, why do I keep writing those stories? But until now, I always came up with an idea and a story to write. Like this time, too.

15. June 2018
Since I've quit my job last year, the problems with my back diminished slowly but steady with each day... So far my health situation improved a lot and I am very glad for this. Is it a coincidence that it all got better after quitting my job? I leave this question unanswered... But maybe if you keep reading you will find it out yourself...

02. June 2018
When my sister asked me some time ago, if I would go with her on a vacation, I said Yes. Instead of taking our car or a train to go to Villach, Austria, we decided to go with e-bikes. The e-bikes are awesome to get easier, faster and not as exhausting to our destination. Heavy rain was our daily encounter, leaving us wet but still happy. Read more for the whole story....

24. May 2018
Arriving back at home in Italy and planning on staying longer again at home, brings questions over questions up. Decisions should be made, but making them seems to me still like saying NO to so many other things. What does freedom mean? Read more if you want to know what kind of questions I ask myself and what kind of decision I need to make....

18. May 2018
I'm back from Provence, but I catch myself day dreaming about the lovely South of France.  I've been before to France, but never to the Provence and therefore, when I was boarded the privat jet to Nimes last week, I didn't expect anything. And I got surprised many times. Want to know why? What I got to experience? Then follow me and read more...

12. May 2018
My bucket list got smaller, because one of my dreams came true: I was able to fly on a private jet. I was invited to fly with old and new friends to Provence, South of France for almost a week. Have you ever wondered how it is to fly on a private jet? Keep reading to find it out...

05. May 2018
Music is my steady companion. Music became my best friend. Specially during times of traveling I was happy to have my best friend always on my side. And now it's time to start playing my own music and to become a DJ.

25. April 2018
It's blog #23 & it's one of my lucky numbers. Therefore, I want to make a special Edition for you, to get to know me even better. Be careful what you wish for - it's a saying I heard more than once in my life till now. And I have to say, it's amazing what can happen, when you start chasing your dreams. Wishes seem to come true, leaving me speechless! Come on the train I've chosen to ride since some months now. Follow me & my steps I'm taking to fulfil my sincere wishes & dreams! Are you ready?

21. April 2018
Have you ever wondered what I'm doing work wise? Or do I just lay around all day long? Then this blog post is right for you. This time I feature my work assignment in Thailand.  Within this blog post I reveal my true intention of traveling to Thailand for a second time in less then 3 months. Why I flew again to far away Thailand: Me being an Accountant On The Fly, What my preferred working places were, And some free time in Bangkok before flying back to Europe...

14. April 2018
The last days in Phuket were filled among other things with a lovely sunset and the start of Songkran - the Thai New Year's. I was able to be part of the Water Festival, which is the typical celebration for Thai New Year's. I got wet from toe to head and it was such great fun - which I wasn't expecting at all. Therefore, I was even more happy to be part of this cultural festivity. If you ever wondered how Thailand celebrates its New Year, then you just need to click "Read more" below.

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