English · 23. March 2020
After being already eight days in quarantine, I wanted to give a short, but positive message, especially if you are going to be soon in isolation as well or are already in quarantine. Not everything needs to be bad, just try to keep your mental switch on the positive side, because our thoughts can be our best friend or the worst enemy. Is the glass half full or half empty? You decide...
English · 26. December 2018
It's the time between Christmas & New Year's Eve, which you spend with close friends & family. I packed again my suitcase and I boarded again an airplane. This time to London. It's not just New Year's Eve celebration, it's going to be a good friend's birthday as well. So I would say, we should all make a wish for this special time of the year...

English · 07. October 2018
Embracing the beauty of a very great autumn this year... Summer is still around and somehow it feels we won't let it go... When is the time ready to let go of things and start something new again? Do you feel the rise of the urge to change when the season is changing, too? Or is it a continually​ growing and changing? As for now,​ I'm trying to soak as much sun in as possible and letting go of things slowly... Letting go and breathing in & out...
English · 22. September 2018
A short and very spontaneous vacation with my friends Franzi & Greta was exactly what I needed: Two days of letting loose, surrounded by nature & beauty of Lake Garda, where I found inner peace for some time. Read more...

English · 09. September 2018
Nature's effect is commonly known as calming and relaxing. In this blog post, I speak about my own personal experience regarding spending time in nature and why it is so important to me.
English · 27. July 2018
As this week was my birthday and I turned one year older, my good friend Jillian Kowalchuk surprised me with a guest blog post, which I share with you today. Please enjoy the great guest blog from Jillian Kowalchuk, which you already know from other blog posts...

#34 - Money Talk_Part #2
English · 19. July 2018
In this blog post I feature the third edition of MONEY TALKS, Part 2. As I know now my monthly fix and variable expenses I can move on to my income. I'm finally setting my first financial goals and I was able to close on Friday my first bigger deal with a client of mine - thumbs up! Great news  Please enjoy my blog post #34: Money Talks_Part 2
#33 - Money Talk_Part #1
English · 14. July 2018
In this blog post I feature the second edition of MONEY TALK, Part 1. I'm not only covering the hard facts about money like fix and variable expenses but moreover I talk about the soft facts like having the right mindset and I give you 7 tips on how to safe money. Please enjoy my blog post #33: Money Talk_Part 1

English · 29. June 2018
When I started to be a blogger, I wasn't aware of the addiction issue due to being online all the time.  There was always so much to share on Social Media, I felt.  Until I went on a bike ride with my sister some weeks ago (remember story #28) where she helped me realise my unhealthy attitude towards being online all the time. I was able to return home with a different mindest regarding my online life. Since then I try to keep a healthy balance between online & offline world.
#30 - Doubts & being insecure - but still keep writing
English · 23. June 2018
Doubts about my writing are coming up when it's again time to write a new story. Sometimes I ask myself, why do I keep writing those stories? But until now, I always came up with an idea and a story to write. Like this time, too.

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