Travel · 18. March 2018
This time I want you to tell you about my thoughts and feelings during my stay in London. How was it this time, my third time? I was hoping to find in the middle of the rush and pace of London still some space for tranquillity and easiness. Did I find it? Keep reading to find it out ...
Travel · 24. February 2018
The time has come that this travel comes to an end as well. Before flying back to Italy I spend my last days in Laos, very shortly in Bangkok and then for one last day in Muscat, Oman. Read more about my latest adventures discovering new places....

Travel · 19. February 2018
The journey takes me from Thailand to Cambodia and then to Laos. Hidden treasures are to be discovered, in the unbearable heat and dirt, smog and smells, noises and exotic faces, new places all over the path I'm going. Sometimes it's almost frightening but it's still better then standstill. So I keep walking, step by step, into an uncertain future, still not knowing what to do next.... Read more....
Travel · 24. January 2018
The last week in Mexico seems to be the perfect ending for an adventurers journey. Chasing a perfect sunrise, chasing a pink lake and pink flamingos....just chasing dreams. Have a read for the whole story....

Travel · 20. January 2018
As my trip through Mexico continues I'm getting more and more energised by its powerful and magical places. Maya ruins are the highlights and new friends I make on the way are the cherry on the cream. Have a read to get the complete insight of my adventures in Mexico.
Travel · 12. January 2018
Starting the day chasing the sunrise is wonderful. After a week of non stop traveling in Quintana Roo (state of Mexico on the Caribic coast) it's a welcoming change to stay for some days at a little village called Bacalar in the South of Mexico, next to the border to Belize. I'm having some slow down time and some me-time before traveling again. Continue reading to see how I spent my last week traveling from Cancun to Bacalar.

Travel · 04. January 2018
My house is your house! How often did I get to hear this saying "Mi casa es tu casa" in those days. I felt the very warm Welcome of my Mexican friends Gely & Carlos and of their families!  My first week in Mexico. I spent some perfect days in und nearby Toluca, Mexico.
Travel · 06. November 2017
After some noisy and stressful days in London, Barcelona seems to be the perfect vacation ending! Warm weather, beach time, friends from all over the world, dancing and enjoying life at it finest! Follow me through Barcelona - and living kinda someone else's life...

Travel · 01. November 2017
When I decided to go on a short vacation, I had just one goal: to get inspired! So I went to London to see my dear friend Jill and to get inspired - and hell yeah - I DID GET INSPIRED!