Woman in Business

Woman in Business · 14. July 2018
In this blog post I feature the second edition of MONEY TALK, Part 1. I'm not only covering the hard facts about money like fix and variable expenses but moreover I talk about the soft facts like having the right mindset and I give you 7 tips on how to safe money. Please enjoy my blog post #33: Money Talk_Part 1
Woman in Business · 06. July 2018
I'm starting to take things more serious. Specially when it comes down to my businesses. Time has come to start getting back into counting my numbers. As a senior accountant I know that the numbers don't match yet. So let's start this journey into setting financial goals. Want to join me?

Woman in Business · 29. June 2018
When I started to be a blogger, I wasn't aware of the addiction issue due to being online all the time.  There was always so much to share on Social Media, I felt.  Until I went on a bike ride with my sister some weeks ago (remember story #28) where she helped me realise my unhealthy attitude towards being online all the time. I was able to return home with a different mindest regarding my online life. Since then I try to keep a healthy balance between online & offline world.
Woman in Business · 05. May 2018
Music is my steady companion. Music became my best friend. Specially during times of traveling I was happy to have my best friend always on my side. And now it's time to start playing my own music and to become a DJ.

Woman in Business · 30. March 2018
It's finally Survey Time. You will find the link to the survey inside this blog post. Read more if you want to participate and to read about my recent week. I attended a seminar called "The Perfect Pitch" where I had to train on my pitch. Even without a business set up yet, I still presented my first pitch. Keep reading...
Woman in Business · 10. March 2018
I'm flying to London to be part of the launch of the navigation and safety app Safe & The City. Proudly I present you the interview with my dear friend, the founder and CEO of Safe & The City, Jillian Kowalchuk: We talk about the idea behind of Safe & The City, why it is so important to use this technology to keep people safe and how this can be used globally to end sexual harassment and violence against women. Keep reading...

Woman in Business · 28. October 2017
Best friends, met in Australia, re-met in Canada and now in Europe. Living life on our own rules. Chasing dreams. Being fabulous in what we do! Meet Jill and Irene in London 28.10.-02.11.2017