DJane Irene Shine

Irene Shine's favourite music to mix is Melodic & Vocal Deep House. She mixes emotional vocal pieces with pure electronic beats, some parts could be described as well as "trancy".


Her music collection doesn't just consist of Deep House, moreover she likes a lot Tech House and Progressive House. Last but not least Trance, Liquid Drum & Bass, Progressive Psy, Techno and some Funky House...


The future will be exciting, stay tuned for some surprises...


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Irene Shine recordings are all released on SoundCloud, Mixcloud and YouTube (links see below). Spotify will follow soon.


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Irene Shine's YouTube Channel

Final cut of the live stream from Irene's terrace in the Italian Alps: 


Please enjoy the music, the sunset, a refreshing beverage & dance with Irene...


This video is to be played on a big TV screen in the back for Cocktail or Aperitif time. 

Are you able to find hidden messages?!

In the description of the videos you will find a short statement how Irene made them.

all recorded sets from Irene Shine

Sunset, Deep House & Quarantine_Set#4

Recorded live from Irene's terrace in the Italian Alps on Saturday, 4th of April for sunset

Berlin Infused_Melodic Deep-Tech House Set#3

Awaiting 2020_Melodic Deep House_Set #2

Sunday Mornings_Deep House Set #1




"The Love to Music hit me early"


Being inspired from travelling the world, the music Irene listens to is influenced by various trips around the world chasing most of her favourite DJs.


Her first love was Minimal infused Electro and Techno (Berlin), later on Trance, which she continued to listen during her stays in North America and Australia, but as well House Music (Ibiza) and nowadays she likes it more chill, therefore Deep House is her favourite thing right now. 


Meanwhile her travels, Irene got the chance to play music for different friends using only her mp3-player and an aux-cable to connect to some sort of audio system. It was really basic, but the music always suited the setting and so she was able to create the perfect atmosphere with her music. She didn't only enjoy to play music and of course to dance ;-), but moreover, she loved to exchange music with others and therefore, she got lucky to know different kind of artists from around the world.


One day someone, somewhere told her, she would be a good DJ and she taught "damn right!". 


In 2017 she was lucky to get borrowed a Traktor S4... (if you want to know more about it, so please head over to blog post #24 - How to become a DJ_starting with baby stepsand the rest is history...


The music she listens and likes to play is for sure European Style infused.


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