Storytelling Fairy Irene

I’m the storytelling fairy. I create stories,

with heart & emotions,

with authenticity. 


I’m a writer and content creator. 


My name is Irene - and I'm your storytelling fairy.


When you want your content to be showcased on your platforms,

the most important thing is: authenticity.

People nowadays are looking for something real,


hence, be you, 

be the future,

be the change

you wish to see in the world.


We all can be much more,

and I want to work for the right people,

which want the world to become a better and happier place.


I create stories and contents filled with emotions,

to tell real stories, about 






Let's create together a better, brighter, warmer world




Irene Huber




Content Creating


How can you get in contact?

If you like my values, my stories and the work I do - if you think we could be a right fit for an awesome collaboration for your projects, then please reach out to me:

  • by writing an email to
  • by filling out the contact form
  • by texting +39 348 4995730 - or call any time between 11 am - 5 pm UTC+1


Keep shining on


Irene Huber